Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm back!

After a long break...several months I'm back! I figured I would start the new year off on a good note and discuss a bright spot about Atlanta. While Atlanta has not seen much good architecture in the past few years, it has recently experienced a architectural renaissance. There are many new things to discuss but I'm choosing one of the biggest projects to grace the Atlanta skyline. The project is Atlantic Station. Atlantic Station is one of the largest brownfield redevelopments in the US. What was once a polluted abandoned steel mill is now a sucessful community. The new development contains commercial, residential, and a large retail complex. The crown jewel is the new IKEA, which if your lucky enough to find a parking spot is actually pretty impressive. It's hard to find a household in Georgia that doesn't have at least one IKEA item in it. IKEA has defenitly been a welcome change from the WAL-MART domination. Check out their website for more information!