Thursday, October 13, 2005

WTF- I'm not really sure?

I know it's been sometime since you have heard from me. I appreciate your e-mails and letters wondering if I was alright. Yes I am quite alright I have just been subjected to the 5th level of hell, otherwise known as Architecture school. For those of you who aren't aware of what this is like try thinking about the Hanoi Hilton (sleep deprivation, lack of food, verbal abuse- they call them critiques, and a daily mental beating) and that's pretty close to what I've been going through this past month. Well you wanted it and here it second rant! You are probaly wondering what's going on in the picture below. Me too! This architectural oddity is a two storey steel framed building. That is fairly standard (besides the fact that I only see about three people at most working on it), what makes this odd is the fact that there is an abandoned Chili's below. That's right they are constructing a building around an abandoned Chili's. What makes this even more odd is fact that they are leaving the Chili's alone, as if it is some ancient suburban artifact. "Look that's where people used to gather and worship some sort red vegetable." I hope this isn't the latest cracked out idea of our overlord developers. Anyway be sure to expect further rants about this subject at a later time and date.


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