Sunday, October 16, 2005

Unofficial Movie Review

Since most of the entertainment industry is corrupt, and it's hard to get an honest opinion on most films, I will ocassionally take the time to review a film that isn't "THIS SUMMER'S MOST THRILLING ACTION MOVIE". I also promise to not use any catchy lines like "THE MUST SEE FILM OF THE YEAR" or "I LAUGHED SO HARD I CRAPED IN MY PANTS". I actually may use that last line but not too often. Considering my interest in architecture I will naturally choose a film that is along those same lines. The film is called "My Architect" and is an emotional story of Louis Kahn's illegitimate son, Nathaniel Kahn (also the director and just about everything else), trying to connect with his dead father. It really wasn't that emotional of a movie and Nathaniel Kahn seems a bit creepy at times. He basically comes to the conclusion that his father was a great architect and not such a great family man, which was a fairly obvious conclusion that could be gathered before the making of this movie. However, the movie is a great biography on Kahn's work and life, one of the best I've seen so far. Plus there is interviews with the who's who of the architecture world (Frank O. Gehry, Phillip Johnson, and others). The critics gave it a B, and for once I think I'll agree with them. My line on the movie is to see it if you have any interest in the architecture of Louis Kahn, otherwise you may (like my non-archigeek roomate) find yourself wishing you had rented that new quircky film starring Rob Schnider.


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