Saturday, August 27, 2005

My very first rant!

I was planning on slacking and not posting a rant for a little while, but the absurd comments I recieved after I first put my blogsite up demanded a rant. Apparently sarcasm is the preferred form of communication the blog world. I know a lot of bloggers have nothing to do but hang out in their mom's basement at 2:00am in the morning and find blogsites to poke fun at. Prehaps the most interesting comment I recieved was a solicitation to visit a bloggers porn site. I swear everything internet related is the "six degrees" of porn game (try googling celebacy and cute kittens and I garuntee you will find a porn site in their somewhere), but I digress. I do apologize for the lack of content, I promise to have more rants and even some pretty pictures in the near future. So feel free to continue to leave more interesting comments I really do enjoy reading them (note sarcastic tone).


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